What do Weekday Mornings Look Like at Your House?

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The morning routine sets the tone for the rest of the day. If we’re trying to get out the door for work or other commitments and we have little ones in tow, it can be difficult to remain patient. But staying calm is the best thing for everyone.

Stress floods our bodies with the stress hormone cortisol, and this can affect us for the rest of the day. Children are particularly sensitive to this.  So how do we make sure the whole family gets off to a bright but calm beginning?

Enjoying Routine

Routine is a key factor in reducing stress. Having routines established during the day will help set this pattern in children, making it easier when the mornings come. A childcare environment is ideal for supporting these patterns, and a quality centre such as Hamersley Early Learning School can offer this guidance.

Hamersley is a family owned child care centre, offering a play based learning environment, dedicated educators and gentle routines. At Hamersley Early Learning School we make use of our environment as the third teacher. Children often respond to routine positively in a care environment, even where they may not have done so at home. They enjoy moving with the group, switching activities at regular intervals and knowing when they will be eating, playing and resting. The gentle structure of routine puts children at ease, and gives them a sense of control over their world.

To help your morning routine unfold calmly and make drop off time as easy as possible, consider the following.

Regular Bed times

It all starts the night before – with bed time. Events are all closely interconnected in a small child’s routine. A later-than-usual bedtime can mean a disruption in the child’s sleeping cycle.  While sleep disturbances are common in children’s lives, with nightmares, bed wetting, leg aches, and restlessness, a calm bedtime routine with restful sleep means a greater chance of waking up happily the next morning. Additionally, going to bed and waking at regular times helps support our circadian rhythms, and allows for the even distribution of energy throughout the day.

Quality time in the morning

Some children seem to be talking the moment they open their eyes. Allowing your child to get feelings out when they first wake is a healthy beginning to the day. Before you jump into action mode, allow them a little time to tell you about their dream, or ask those strange questions that seem to have no clear answer.

Avoiding Screen Time

Some days it just feels like the only way you are going to get everyone out the door is to pop on the television. But keeping it for emergencies is a good idea.

Children’s television programs are often high stimulus and dynamic. Jumping straight from a deep sleep to a world of brightly coloured creatures with high pitched voices is quite abrasive to the system. Having an initial period of time where your child can sit quietly or poke their head out the door or window, to absorb the day, is a more natural way to wake. Classical, folk or ambient music can also be a lovely way to start the day


Keeping this as healthy as possible is vitally important. High fibre, low sugar, whole grains, or eve some protein, are excellent choices. Sugar and processed foods will give your child a rush but come mid-morning they will crash and can find it difficult to rebalance their blood sugar for the rest of the day. Ensure your child is well hydrated from the time they wake, to the time they go to bed.


When it comes to getting dressed you may have to pick your battles. What children feel like wearing is not always in accord with our desires, but giving them a bit of freedom to decide is empowering for them. This is more important than what other people think, so if it’s a battle let them win sometimes.

Positive, swift and happy goodbyes are often the easiest, but whatever works for you and your child, it is consistency that will help them feel at ease.

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