Daycare Drop Offs: Tips for Morning Childcare Routines

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Drop-off time can be a difficult and overwhelming experience for all. No matter how you try preparing yourself, it can become a harrowing experience saying goodbye to your child when they’re feeling distressed. This response is perfectly natural, and allowing yourself to feel this way is important. But when you really have to go, there are some strategies that can make this transition smoother for everyone involved.

It’s Natural to Feel Sadness

Keep in mind that it is a natural and positive aspect of your relationship that you and your child both feel this way. There is nothing ‘wrong’ with a child who misses their mother or father. But working through this emotion together is a fundamental step in your developing relationship. When you show your child that you are confident with your decision, they will trust in your judgement. It may not happen immediately, but if you are consistent it will pay off.

Accepting how you feel instead of bottling it up helps you feel prepared and calm so you don’t burst into tears yourself! Or worse, become frustrated with your child because you feel embarrassed by their emotional display. At Hamersley Early Learning School we understand this transition can take some time and we are more than prepared to help you go through this.

Consistency is Key

Some children benefit from a regular goodbye routine. ‘Three hugs and a kiss and I’m gone’, a high five, or a favourite key word can work wonders. Giving children a sense of timeframe can also help ease anxiety. Sometimes, children may feel like the current moment is going to last forever. Distracting them from the intensity of the moment, with some upbeat positive words, can be all it takes to ease the situation.

Remain Positive

Get excited with them about the day ahead. Get to know the names of other children and the kinds of activities scheduled for the day. Once they hear you talking about what they will be doing they can take ownership of their day. They also feel like you are paying attention – which is important.

Following through by spending time with them at pick up looking what they have created or where they were playing will help anchor the idea that you are involved in their learning process.

Always be prepared

Make sure you arrive with a little bit of time so you can say goodbye in a calm manner. While it may seem impossible, aiming for this as often as you can will really help. Making the periods of time shorter and shorter each time you drop them off can work well. If your child feels you are staying long enough for them to connect with an activity, they will be soothed. Over time, they will jump into the day more and more readily.

Talk to us about how we can help. A quick goodbye can be the best thing when children are becoming more and more anxious. You can then call the centre in 15-minutes and check to see how things are going.

Trusting that your child is in the best care possible will put your mind at ease. At Hamersley Early Learning School we have years of experience with drop off time management and understand that a range of emotional responses to ‘goodbye’ are all perfectly natural.

Daycare Drop Offs Routine with Hamersley Day Care

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