The Key Transitions in Early Childhood Care

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Most children nowadays will follow a similar trajectory as they move through early learning centre based experiences. Day care programs accommodate children up to three years of age. After this time, children usually move to a kindy program to help prepare them for preschool. If this kindy program is held in the same centre, it may simply be the case of changing rooms to a three plus learning environment.

The transition from childcare to kindy is exciting and many children navigate this with growing confidence. Three Plus learning is carefully developed to meet children’s needs in the areas of social and cognitive growth, motor skills, and early literacy and numeracy.

If you are concerned about the intensity of a kindy program, don’t be. The learning takes place in a safe nurturing play based environment, filled with games, songs, stories, and art.

At Hamersley Early Learning School, our three plus program is delivered by passionate talented educators. Children are given the opportunity to develop social skills through collaboration on projects, such as cooking, gardening and music, as well as co-operative play, free play, and outdoor play.

Early literacy skills are formed though role play, story time, songs and rhymes, and children begin to recognise and form the letters of the alphabet. This may begin simply with a few letters in their name.

Motor skills are honed as children learn to manipulate objects such as play dough, learn to use pencils, paints, and child safe scissors. Early numeracy skills are encountered through puzzles, patterns, and games. 

Life skills are woven into the daily teachings and experiences at the centre, with nutrient, quiet time, and emotional wellbeing all high on the list of priorities for our educators.



If your child is approaching the age of three and you would like to enrol them in a kindy program, start the process by speaking with your educators. They will be able to give you some indication on the areas of readiness for your child and where they could be supported.

Kindy days are full of exciting learning opportunities, but they also bring children into contact with a range of new skills. Negotiating with other children, sharing, problem solving and communication are all being given a work out.

Children are also going through their own developmental milestones at this stage of their lives, and emotional shifts and changes in behaviour are common.

During the kindy years, your child will go from having day sleeps, to perhaps not needing them anymore, as well as finding out about who they are, what they like, and what the world around them feels like. Your educators are there to guide you through this stage and ensure that your little one gains the skills necessary for coping with formal schooling.

To talk to us about child care transition, enrolments, or any other queries you may have, contact us today.

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