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School Readiness Program

Beginning your child in formal education is a significant step, and one you want to be sure about. At Hamersley Early Learning School, we offer a Three Plus Learning Program designed to support your child in developing the skills they will need during their first year of school.

With trained and experienced educators, you can be sure we know what to look for as your child reaches the developmental milestones particular to this age bracket. Physical, emotional and cognitive readiness are all nurtured and monitored as your child moves from the age of three to five.


Starting Age

Many families find themselves in a situation where they have the option to wait another year before starting their child in school. While four and a half is the minimum age for beginning school, the period extends up to the age of six.

It’s important to note that not all children are ready before five, or even at the age of five, and making the right decision will have a big impact on your child’s self-confidence and life long relationship with learning. It is also worth noting that Australia has one of the youngest starting ages for formal schooling compared with other countries. For younger children, an additional year in a three-plus learning program can be the best thing for them.

If you are in the situation of making a decision, consider the following questions:

  1. Are they confident being in an independent learning environment, or are they still adjusting?

If drop-off times are still a bit bumpy, or your child is very tired at the end of the day, they may be still adjusting.

  1. Are they able to clearly articulate? Can they be understood by peers and teachers when they are speaking?
  1. Can they identify what they need and ask for help?

This includes practical needs such as a drink of water or a trip to the bathroom. It also includes emotional needs. For example, can your child recognise when they are feeling tired, afraid or angry?

  1. Are they comfortable making simple decisions?
  1. Do they adapt well to changing activities?
  1. Can they sit and focus on an activity for a period of time?
  1. Do they interact well with other children?
  1. Are they comfortable with following more than one instruction?

This is not a concrete or finite set of guidelines, and the parameters for readiness are not fixed. But asking these questions can help you gather information.

Enrolling your child in a school readiness program is a great way to make sure your child’s readiness can be properly assessed before you make this important decision. You can speak with us throughout the course of the Three Plus Program, and come to better understand your child’s learning patterns, unique talents, personal preferences and areas of challenge.

Sharing these years with caring and dedicated educators ensures your child has the space to express their learning needs before they are enrolled in a formal educational setting.

Enrolling your child in the Three plus program

To enrol your child in the Three Plus Program, give Hamersley Early Learning School a call today on 08 6162 9119 or follow the link to Contact us.

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