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Numbers and counting can be tricky for millions of children across the world but, with a few new ideas and clever techniques, you can easily make counting fun for your child. Young children learn through playing games, so you can nurture and encourage their numeracy skills without them even noticing!

Count the World around You

Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, you’ll find you’re always surrounded by numbers. Car registration plates, bus numbers, traffic signs, doorways – these are all opportunities to explore numbers with your child. Start calling out every number that you see and encourage your child to do the same once they are able.

Count dogs, houses, people, whatever you like! Turn this into an estimation game by asking your child to guess what they’ll see before you leave the house – how many red cars, how many babies, and how many big trees will you walk past?

Hide, Seek and Count

This is a fun game to work on numerical recognition with your child. Write the numbers 1-10 on index cards then show them to your children and hide them around the house. Ask the children to look for the cards and tell you what they’ve found each time. When all the cards have been found, have the children arrange them in numerical order.

Learning at Mealtimes

Children will always be interested when there’s food involved! Get your child to help you share snacks by counting to make sure everyone has the same amount. They can help you to set the table by counting family members and corresponding cutlery and plates. Once your child can count to 100, any food can be counted out before eating – think cereal hoops, pasta shapes, peas or raisins.

Dial Your Numbers

A fun way to practice number recognition with your child is by letting them dial a phone number. Next time you want to call Grandma or the babysitter, enlist your child to dial the number as you say it out loud. This way they can see that learning numbers has practical applications in everyday life.

Label Your Life

Here at Hamersley Early Learning School, we’ve never met a child that doesn’t love stickers! Use this fact to your advantage by encouraging your child to label items around the house with numbered stickers. Help them to count how many books on their shelf, how many dolls in the dollhouse or shoes on the shoe rack, then write this number on a sticky label and let them attach it.

They’ll constantly see the numbers around and be able to associate them with physical objects, making numbers less abstract. If they know that there are 32 books on the big shelf but only 6 cookies in the tin, these numbers start to take on real meanings.

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