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Just like with adults, no one teaching style fits all children so we’re taking a closer look at different psychological styles of learning and how understanding each can be beneficial for your child’s education.

What Is a Learning Style?

Every person learns differently, whether they are 8-months or 18-years old. Your child’s individual learning style is a result of the unique way their brain absorbs, processes and stores information

Why are Learning Styles Important?

When an educator understands the differences in their students’ learning styles, this enables them to tailor their teaching to the different needs of each child. Your child’s learning style will dictate the teaching strategies that will work best for them, ensuring the successful transfer and retention of knowledge in an educational setting.

Visual Learners

It’s all in the name – these learners understand new information best when it’s presented through images, maps and graphs. These children learn through watching and need to be able to visualise and illustrate their knowledge. Visual learning is believed to be the dominant style and, as such, many classrooms are already optimised to help out visual learners.

Auditory Learners

Auditory learners don’t just acquire information through listening but also through speaking, either in discussions or to themselves. If your child is an auditory learner, you’ll find they develop new skills best when the task is explained orally. You may find them talking to themselves whilst learning something new.

Kinaesthetic Learners

These students learn best through hands-on activities. They should be actively involved in the learning process and can understand information through tactile representations. Kinaesthetic learners don’t want to just see or hear about something, they need to do it to remember how it works. As such, they can sometimes appear to have attention issues as they like to move around whilst listening and touch objects to learn about them.

Adaptive Teaching

Here at Hamersley Early Learning School, our educators are trained to adapt their teaching style according to the learning needs of each child. Through this flexible approach to teaching, our educators can create an accessible and effective learning environment for all children.

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