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As , we are increasingly aware of just how much sugar is packed into processed foods. Unfortunately, it’s not always obvious from the packaging exactly what is going into the food you’re feeding your children, and it can be shocking to find out how much sugar your child consumes in an average day.

The food our children eat directly affects their mood, energy levels and long-term health so read on to find out how to cut down your child’s sugar intake and keep them healthy and happy.

Be Label-Wise

Reading the labels on packaged foods can often be confusing. Snacks may claim to have ‘no added sugar’ but then have a very high sugar content listed in the nutrition information. Try to work out where the sweetness in a food comes from – corn syrup, glucose syrup, fructose or fruit concentrates are all processed additives whereas honey or banana are much better alternatives.

Visualise Your Sugar

On nutrition labels, sugar is listed in grams per 100 or per ‘serving’ which makes it very hard to visualise. If you’re trying to choose a cereal and one contains 40g of sugar per 100g, and a second has only 20g then the latter seems like a healthier alternative, but bear in mind that 4g is roughly a teaspoon, and suddenly your ‘healthy’ cereal with 5 whole teaspoons of sugar doesn’t seem so appealing.

Don’t Shop for Sugar

It may sound obvious, but the less sugary snacks you have in your home the less the whole family will eat. Rather than buying the usual biscuits or cakes for treats, guests or on a ‘just in case’ basis, leave them out of your shopping and you’ve instantly cut the sugar levels in your kitchen cupboards.

Make Healthy Snacks the Default

A great way to quickly change your snacking habits is to keep healthy nibbles accessible on your kitchen countertop. When you fill jars with nuts, trail mix or seeds and keep them visible, you’ll find the whole family reaching for them and filling up on nutritious snack foods rather than looking for a sugar fix.

Have Family Baking Sessions

One of the main reasons give their children sugary snacks is the convenience they offer. Many don’t feel that they have the time to be constantly preparing healthy foods for their children, but you can turn baking into a quick and simple playtime activity for the whole family. By preparing delicious treats such as healthy pancakes, energy balls and savoury muffins in big batches, you can enjoy rewarding time spent with your children whilst also saving yourself time (and money!) in the future.

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