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Many families look forward to holidays as an opportunity to shift pace and enjoy some down time together. But sometimes this change in routine can present challenges. Without a structure in place, there can often be a gap between busy and relaxed that just seems difficult to fill.

By preparing for the holidays, you can keep your children meaningfully engaged. This promotes happiness, reduces arguments and makes for a more relaxed and rejuvenating experience for all. Start by making a list of activities that are fun, encourage independence and continue to build on your children’s learning.

Quality Time

Put time aside in your schedule for active play with your child. This means not trying to get anything else done while you are with them!

A little bit of focused quality time goes a long way and will help your child feel satisfied to play independently later in the day. Create a project you can both enjoy such as making a photo diary, painting, building a cubby, or dancing to your favourite song.

Fostering Independence

Self-sufficient activities are great but kids love to feel like their parents are involved in their world. If you have things you need to attend to, such as work or household chores, setting up an activity thoughtfully means your child feels like you are involved and will likely stay engaged for longer. You can then return later to see how they are going.

Here is one idea to get you started:

Creative Projects

A themed craft project might involve drawing, painting, play dough or collage.

Pick a theme such as dinosaurs and spend some time talking with your child about the theme. Then arrange the materials and craft area together, involving your child in the setup. You might like to make some suggestions about colour, texture or materials to get things started. Give them up to three tasks to get started and let them know that you will be back to see them soon. This gives you time to engage in their activity and get your work done. When you return, you can look over their work and talk about it some more. Then together you can create a gallery to hang their work.

This process of being involved in setting up and then returning for the final product can be adopted with many activities such as constructing themed Lego worlds, dressing up toys, play dough activities or making a kids’ grocery store.

Physical Play

This can take so many forms and is something you can enjoy together. A scoot around the neighbourhood, playing at the park, kite flying, hide and seek, a nature walk, observing bugs in the garden, or making sandcastles all get you out of the house and into the fresh air.

Being a Kid Again

Returning to your own sense of play is a great thing to do for the holidays. This actively builds social skills, strengthens relationships, promotes creative thinking, and is really fun.

Try building a cubby house, making a treasure map, eating strawberry ice cream, writing a letter, making popcorn, drawing chalk murals on the driveway, watching old movies, dressing up, painting your toenails, playing air guitar or singing in the car.

Don’t be afraid to play with your kids – this is your chance at a second childhood and kids love it when their parents let go a bit and have fun with them.

Ensure that your children enjoy exciting and stimulating activities both on holidays and during the working year. For information about our friendly day care team in Hamersley, contact Hamersley Early Learning School today. We provide fully inclusive play-based learning environments for children from 0-5 years old.

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