Improving Communications Skills with your Childcare Educator

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Family and educator

When you enrol your child in a child care centre, you begin a relationship with the educators, family, and your local community. At first, it may seem like you are just whisking in and out, and don’t have much time to stay and chat. But over time, you will find that you become part of the community and this is a great thing for your child.

Communication with your childhood educator is central to their experience in the centre. Children are intuitive and will notice any tension, passive resistance, or apprehension you feel. So, make sure you clear the air and resolve issues as soon as possible. Not only is it a positive thing to connect with the people in your community, but there are key things you need to be able to discuss with your child’s educator.


The Right Timing

Effective communication is key. Drop off and pick up times are busy, with a sudden influx of families arriving at the door. Child educators will be dividing their attention between other families as well as continuing to supervise the children in care. Keep up with maintenance, communication and then set special time aside to check on your child’s progress, look over their work and spend some time at the centre.

Questions you may wish to ask include:

  • Did they eat lunch, drink water, sleep and play well?
  • Was there any separation anxiety?
  • Did they have toileting issues?
  • Did they have a sleep?
  • Were they in any challenging situations with other children?


Barriers to Effective Communication

The relationship your child has with their educator is intimate, and it has to be.

Your child is still dependent on an adult for a range of things such as toileting, comforting, sleeping and eating. In turn, your educator will come to know you as a family. Sometimes you may feel vulnerable or judged by the outside community, as though you were only one struggling to get a child into the car that morning. This can create barriers to effective communication and you may not feel confident to ask for what you need.  It is imperative that you feel you can talk to your educators, that they have time to hear you, and if not in that moment that they can make time.

Remember, children are quite transparent in their communications so don’t be surprised if they announce to the whole class that mummy was in a bad mood, or mummy forgot her keys yesterday. These moments are all perfectly natural and child care workers have heard it all before.

At Hamersley Early Learning School, we understand every family is unique. We will keep you up to date so you don’t miss a thing. Photos, news, and snapshot updates will be emailed to you regularly and we are always here to talk. To talk to us about enrolments or any other queries you may have, contact us today.

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