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All children come into the world with their own individual ‘spark’. This life force is unique to them like their fingerprints, and the way that individuality is nurtured and encouraged, can set them up for a life of resilience and confidence.

A child may have an artistic flair, or perhaps they are drawn to science and the beauty in how the world works. Maybe music is more their thing, and they take great pleasure in finding and holding a beat. Whatever that unique spark in a child may be, it’s crucial that adults around children are nurturing and encourage the individuality of children through a personalised learning environment.

Have you got a child who is just waiting for their individual spark to be lit on fire? Here’s how you can bring out the best in your child:

Identify How Your Child Learns Best

At an early age, it can emerge how an individual learns best. Some children lean towards being visual learners, while others may learn through hands-on activities. Other children need multi-sensory activities to learn, such as dancing while counting, or making letters while getting messy with paint. If your child becomes easily frustrated or agitated with lack of movement, then use movement to dance, make music and create! If your child can be outdoors for hours on end, then go nature hunting, collect leaves or build a cubby house for them to enjoy. Observe your child closely, find what makes them ‘tick’ and build on it. Their confidence, happiness and general wellbeing will be given a boost, as they learn to harness the things they love doing.

Create Learning Opportunities for Your Child

Creating learning opportunities for your child that suits them can be a lot of fun, for both you and them. Here’s some learning opportunities or environments that you can create to suit your child’s individuality:

  • Book corner: Have you got a child that can’t get enough of books? Why not build them a reader’s nook. Provide some puppets so children can recreate their favourite stories.
  • Costume Wardrobe: Imaginative play is great to encourage your child’s individuality. Hit the op-shop and fill a tub with colourful scarves, hats and different outfits.
  • Science Station: Give your budding scientist a kid’s microscope, some slides, and let them go discover.
  • Building space: If your child likes to build, then give them a space where they can design and create (under supervision). They’ll be improving important motor skills, as well as having a great time.

Choose an Early Learning School that Fosters Individuality

Hamersley Early Learning School in the northern suburbs of Perth, believe in providing an individualised approach to education, picking up on each child’s interests to encourage learning through play. We understand the importance of nurturing and bringing out your child’s ‘spark’. For more information on us, and the programs we offer, call us on (08) 6162 9119, or visit our contact page.

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