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With so much emphasis on germs and germ prevention today, it can be difficult to know just how much far you should go when it comes to teaching your children healthy habits. Healthy habits are exceptionally important, not only so your child doesn’t get sick, but also as these habits can take your child into adulthood and beyond and can actually help your child to be a healthier and happier individual both now, and in the years beyond.

Here’s a few ways you can build healthy habits for your children while still encouraging them to play outdoors, get messy and even a little dirty!

Healthy Eating

One of the healthiest habits you can give your children is healthy eating. Like all healthy habits, they are first built on knowledge. Teach your children how to identify healthy vs unhealthy foods from a young age. You can do this by giving them by explaining to them how healthy foods help build the body and mind. Always offer lots of praise for trying new foods. For fussy eaters, try dishing up foods in creative ways, or build a vegetable patch together. You’ll be amazed what foods your child is willing to try when they have been a part of the growing or cooking process!

Regular Exercise

In this day and age, limiting screen time for young children is an absolute must to ensure they get the exercise they need. Regular exercise can be encouraged through organised sports, but it can also be through using exercise time as a way to connect as a family. Walk the talk together, kick the footy or go for joint bike rides. Everyone in the family will be healthier, both physically and mentally.

Oral Hygiene

Poor oral hygiene habits can mean more trips to the dentist in adulthood and can even put children at risk for developing serious health problems later in life. All this can be avoided through good, early oral hygiene practices. If your children are resistant to brushing their teeth twice a day, don’t scare them into it with horror dentist visit stories – instead, try a reward system and visit the dentist every six months for a check up so they’re accustomed to maintaining and preventing any teeth and gum problems before they occur.

Hand Washing

Hand washing is very important, and should be routinely done before meals and after going to the toilet. However, it’s important not to encourage children to overdo hand washing. Teach them that it’s ok to get messy and dirty, due to the fact that you can wash your hands afterwards and be clean again.

Hamersley Early Learning School Teaches Healthy Habits

At Hamersley Early Learning School in Perth, we believe all kids should be having fun and getting dirty while playing as this is great for their sensory development and learning experiences! However we also foster building healthy habits in children and teach healthy hand washing. We also provide a healthy and varied diet to the children in our care. For more information on us, and the programs we offer, call us on (08) 6162 9119, or visit our contact page.

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