Hamersley Early Learning School Three Plus Program

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At Hamersley, we run a 3 Plus program within the Kindy Room. Overseen by a qualified Early Education Teacher, the program delivers a school readiness program that prepares your child with the skills they need to learn to read and write, once they attend school.

Even in the Babies and Toddlers Rooms, the foundation skills are being laid  in preparation.

Your child is communicating with her world long before he/ she is physically able to form words. A baby communicates non-verbally by various means: crying, stretching out her arms for comfort and other non-verbal cues. At the same time, she is also absorbing all forms of communication around her. This absorption of communication, verbal and non-verbal lays the foundation for your child’s language and literacy development.

Research shows that children receive enormous benefit from an early environment rich in language and literacy. Your child learns his communication skills from parents and care-givers, so it is important that he / she should have constant opportunities to engage in communication through verbal language.

Language and literacy development involves not just storytelling and reading but everyday communication with your child as well. At Hamersley, Educators engage the children in conversations, read books and sing songs to enhance this aspect of your child’s development. They respond to your child in good and well-spoken language and ask leading questions that result in interactive conversations, so that your child’s communication skills are enhanced, along with their self-esteem. This is because language and literacy play an important role in the development of emotional intelligence. This helps your child to communicate his / her feelings in a clear and productive way.

It is vital for your child to be in a high-quality environment to promote the development of exceptional language and literature skills. At Hamersley Early Learning School, the teachers and educators are trained professionals, with all the necessary skills and experience to communicate with your child in a way that enhances their language and literacy development, enabling them to successfully move on to reading and writing in the future.

“So please, oh please, we beg, we pray, go throw your TV set away, and in its place you can install, a lovey bookshelf on the wall.


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