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We have an amazing capacity to learn from the day we are born, and this continues throughout our lives. It is now recognised that the early years are the most important for learning and setting the foundations for the future as we continue our journey through life.

Your child was born ready to learn about the world around them. Using all their natural abilities, your child will discover the world and  the people who care for them, but most of all will learn about themselves.

At Hamersley Early learning School we provide experiences and positive relationships which will positively impact on your child’s development at this hugely important time in their lives. Positive experiences help the brain develop in healthy ways and support your child’s learning.

The organisation Zero to Three says  ”The brain is the only organ that is not fully formed at birth. During the first three years, trillions of connections between brain cells are being made. A child’s relationships and experiences during the early years greatly influence how their brains grow.”

The most important factor in supporting your child’s learning is positive caring relationships. Your child will do some of their most powerful learning from copying what people around them do, so it is important they are with experienced and nurturing Educators. Our staff will keep your child healthy and safe, and provide opportunities for them to experience meaningful activities. Most of all, your child will learn in an interesting and fun way.

Hamersley Early Learning School provides a safe and secure environment, with exceptional educational programs in the Kindy, Toddler and Babies Rooms.

Food is an important part of the day and in child care it is no different! The balanced diet we provide follows the dietary guidelines laid down by relevant authorities but is designed by our chef to tempt and expand the repertoire of the resident budding gourmets. Meals are home cooked from fresh ingredients and presented so as to encourage the gradual development of independence skills.


Enquire about our new centre and early enrolment program

Enquire about our new centre and early enrolment program