Early Learning – Babies

Early Learning for Babies

The Babies Room at Hamersley Early Learning School provides day care and education for children aged 0 to 2 years. The high-quality environment and supportive atmosphere allow your child to flourish and grow in confidence.  We embrace cultural differences and run a fully inclusive program for all children.

Working with Parents and Families

Our Early Childhood Educators are dedicated to working with families. We provide a nurturing home-like environment that is flexible and supportive for your child during this important developmental stage. Babies’ routines are continuously evolving and we believe that communication with families ensures that your child’s needs are always being met.

All families are asked to provide a few spare sets of clothes for their child. Other items required daily for babies in child care include:

  • Sunhat
  • Drink bottle filled with water
  • Sunscreen
  • Toy or comforter for napping


Routines and Activities

Days in the Babies room are unhurried, enjoyable, interactive and individualised for each child. Your baby is learning at all times, not just at designated playtime. Throughout the day, language is promoted with verbal interactions between educators and children in the form of songs, rhymes, poems, and spontaneous conversation.

The educational curriculum offers a stimulating and inclusive program that is age and developmentally appropriate. It incorporates both children’s and families’ interests, as well as intentional teaching moments based on observations of a child’s play.

We recommend a minimum of two orientation sessions for babies and their parents or caregivers. For more advice on settling in, please talk to our settling experts.




We provide quality early learning programs in an active environment with responsive educators. Our facilities focus on natural environments and ambience, creating a learning environment that relaxes and educates each child.

Explore our virtual tour for a guided walk through our day care centre.


Keeping You Informed

 We appreciate that milestones happen so quickly at this age. At Hammersley Early Learning School, you’ll never miss an important moment. Through photos, observations and a snapshot of the week, we capture your child’s progress and keep you fully informed.


Register Your Interest

 To enrol your child in the Babies Room, register your interest online or contact our experts for more information.


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