Developing Your Child’s Confidence

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At Hamersley Early Learning School we are constantly aware of our interactions with your child. Whether it is in the Kindy, Toddler’s or Babies’ Rooms, the Educators are constantly updating their skills and reading the latest research on child development so that your child will benefit from best practice.

We are passionate about developing your child’s confidence.

  1. We focus on each child’s strengths and gently guide them to build their strengths in other areas. We focus on processes, not products, for instance an educator might discuss a child’s use of colour when looking at a work of art.
  2. Each child’s problem solving skills are encouraged. Educators promote independence skills by setting the environment in such a way that children feel successful, they talk about solutions to problems and if they don’t know the answer to a question they say ‘let’s find out together?’
  3. Educators provide as many choices as they can. We want children to have hours of imaginative play and providing choices helps children engage with their environment.
  4. We provide opportunities for children to help. Pack away time is fun and promotes socialisation skills.
  5. The educators are always positive! They recognise that every child is different and they focus on what they CAN do not what they can’t do. They provide opportunities and challenges appropriate for your child’s level of development. Your child’s sense of value is directly related to how they are treated.


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