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Children are like flowers, in the sense that they all develop and truly bloom at different times. Traditionally, we were led to believe that late development was not normal, but new research sheds a light on this.

Developmental Stages

Every parent wants the best for their child. To feel confident that they are achieving the best, we tend to look at other children and their developmental stages as a way to check.

Don’t Compare

So what if your neighbour’s daughter began walking at nine months? Every child is unique, and will meet their developmental milestones at a pace that is right for them.

For this reason, we shouldn’t compare our children to other children, because there is simply no reason to! Some children will meet milestones earlier than others, some later. This is perfectly normal.

Feeling Worried

It’s good that you’re feeling concerned about your child, because it means you care. However, feeling worried does not do good things to our health, so here are some ways to deal with it.


Every developmental milestone has a window. For walking, the milestone lays at approximately nine to fifteen months. Let’s say your child is at sixteen months, and has not yet walked. If he crawls and tries to stand, then it just means he needs a bit more time to get onto his feet.


If not, then consider talking to a paediatrician to put your mind at ease. Your child may be shy or self-conscious, or it may be a physical issue, but it’s good to get it checked by a GP or Child Health Nurse.

If the paediatrician gives you the A-okay, then don’t worry! Your sunflower is just taking a bit more time to bloom.

H3: Parenting Right

If you’re reading this, then you are on the right track. Parenting is a tricky thing, and it is common for parents to think that they aren’t doing things right.

Don’t worry. Every child is different. Some are quiet and love sleeping alone in their own beds. Some are loud and love snuggling up with their parents. Some don’t sleep through the night. None of these are a reflection on your parenting skills: they are simply attributes of your unique child!

What Can I Do?

Love and treasure your child. Remember that they are an individual, and they will get there in their own time. This being said, sometimes we could use some professional reassurance, so don’t be afraid to consult your paediatrician or child’s doctor.

Early Learning Schools Can Help!

Each child develops at their own pace, just as some sunflowers take longer to grow than others. At Hamersley Early Learning School, we understand that every child is different and make sure we accommodate for that. For more information on us, and the programs we offer, call us on (08) 6162 9119 or visit our contact page for other ways to get in touch.

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