Benefits of Outdoor Winter Play for Children

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Children playing outdoors in winter

The cooler, winter months are often the time of year we run into colds and flus. While staying warm is important, this doesn’t necessarily mean staying indoors.

For the most part, the Australian winter is very permitting of outdoor activity. In fact, the winter months can be some of the best in the year. The heat and humidity have finally abated, and we can get in the cool and often drier air, and really enjoy the natural landscape.

Here are five great reasons enjoy getting active with your children this winter.

  1. Staying active is great for your immune system. It increases circulation, supports metabolism and energises your body. This will help keep your children’s health at its best, and ward off colds and flus.
  2. Being outdoors means time away from indoors. Indoor climates in fact pose more risks to your child’s health than most outdoor ones. Confined spaces, indoor heating and proximity to others will expose your child to a range of germs and bacteria. Balancing time indoors with play time outside will help to protect your child from overexposure to germs.
  3. Outdoor play is great for morale. The days are shorter and darker, and this can get you down. If your child is feeling a little sick, a bit of fresh air and sunshine will work wonders for their spirit.
  4. Healthy habits may start to wane in the winter months. While snuggly up with comfort food and a movie is good for the soul, too much of a good thing can take its toll. If you find child has increased their screen time as a means of entertaining themselves indoors, it’s time to shake things up and get outside together.
  5. Outdoor play means exploring the winter landscape. Nature is a wonderful teacher, and the change of seasons bring special gifts. Maybe you live somewhere where the leaves turn brown and fall, the rains come, the light changes, or it snows! There has never been a better time to explore your changing environment than the cooler months.


Encouraging Outdoor Play

To make sure your child gets the most out of the outdoors why not look at what’s available in your community. There are winter sports such as soccer, play dates with friends, or outdoor play prams at your local child care centre.

Here at Hamersley Early Learning School, outdoor play is integral to our learning philosophy. We have created an outdoor space specifically designed to encourage children to explore their environment in a safe and fun way. If you would like to find out more about outdoor play or to enrol your child at Hamersley Early Learning School, contact us today to learn more.

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