4 Ways Childcare can Teach Resilience to your kids

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Even when we feel we have tried every possible approach, our children still seem to struggle with daily obstacles. At these times, supporting your child to build resilience, rather than focusing on the particulars of the problem, can be the best thing for them.

Sensitivity to changes in the environment, new faces, or simply things not going their way can produce high emotions. Emotional upsets are natural human responses and very common in young children.  At a time when children are grappling to come to terms with a big new world, allowing them to experience this world and find their feet is the best thing you can do for them.

A quality child care centre is perfect for building resilience in a nurturing, safe environment. At Hamersley Early Learning School we understand the importance of building social skills and positive relationships from an early age.

Here are some ways we can help support the process of building resilience:

1. Encouraging Responsibility

Being given small roles of responsibility can bring children out of a reluctant state of mind. Children respond well to a caring, positive educator who they see regularly. They appreciate being given responsibilities and look forward to meeting the challenge. In the right child care environment, children often express a side of themselves that is more confident and self-responsible than they do at home. This can be built upon at home as resilience begins to grow.

2. Promoting Independence

Greater independence from the family environment helps children to understand that they will be OK if Mum or Dad can’t always be there. This is great for their self-confidence, and helpful for parents as well.

Hamersley Early Learning School is a family owned, nurturing environment. Children are supported to make decisions of their own through games and activities. They also begin to develop critical thinking skills, by assessing what they like and don’t like to do.

3. Fostering Social Skills

In the right day care environment, children will learn the importance of differing opinions. They will become more accepting of the many different ways people think and feel – and they will see how they can have their own needs met – without compromising the needs of others. With the help of educators, children can learn to work through disagreement or conflict in a safe and rewarding way.

4. Exercising

Physical activities support confidence and awareness and are lots of fun. Strength, flexibility, balance and co-ordination are all explored at Hamersley Early Learning School. We are committed to supporting healthy levels of physical activity in a fun and safe environment.

Starting your child in a day care environment is an exciting step for the whole family. It will give you and your child new things to explore. It can also improve the quality of your time together as these new skills are integrated into daily life at home.

Our educators are available to speak with you as your child reaches each stage of development. In this way, you can always feel closely connected to your child even when you are away.

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